Prices & Samples

Our samples are free to genuine business enquiries – we ship internationally including the USA.

For sample requests made before 1pm we aim to process and despatch the same working day. Requests received after this are normally posted the following working day.

Samples sent outside the UK are sent Royal Mail Airmail and may take up to/around 5 working days to arrive depending on your location.

Where samples are requested for educational purposes or by craft enthusiasts we do make a charge for samples.

With such a wide variety of products and broad range of finish options available, it would be difficult for us to list every price for every product on our site. Instead we prefer to send pricing relevant to you as per your request below. Please tick the boxes beneath the product images below to arrange samples and free quotations with no obligation.

Zing Thing
Wobbly bit card
Wheel charts
'V' Fold Card
'U' Card
Tent Topper Mini
Tent Topper
Tent Card
Telescopic box
Swatch Card
Starburst cross
Slide Chart
Red Reveal Reader
Recycling wheel
Pyramid Table Talker
Push n pull
Promotional Business Gifts
Prism Card
Pop Up Pyramid
Pop up phone holder
Pop up pen pal
Pop up house
Pop up handbag
Pop up gems
Pop up cuboid
Pop up cube
Pop up castle / choc box
Pop top card
Parking discs
Parallelogram card
Open mouth card
Monster mouth card
Mini Show Card
Manual pyramid money box
Manual Pen Pal – Square + header
Manual pen pal – square
Manual Pen Pal – Octagonal
Manual pen pal – hexagonal
Manual House Moneybox
Manual Hexagonal Moneybox
Manual cuboid money box
Manual Cube Money Box
Little Big Card
Lever calculator
Jack In A Box
Hidden Book
Happy dogs card
Hanging Spinner
Fortune Teller
Flicker card
Face Mask
Extender card
Door hanger
Dissolve tent card
Disc Tent Card
Disc card
Cut out message card
Cover dissolve
Chest Manual Assembly Money Box
Carry n keep
Card carrier – swatch
Card carrier – starburst
Card carrier – parallelogram
Card carrier – foldilocks
Card carrier – extender
Card carrier – ‘v’ fold
Business card – tent topper
Business card – jumpinjax
Business card – dissolve
Business Card – Concertina
Brain aid card
Bottle Tower
Bottle Topper
Bottle tag
Bottle swatch
Bottle Starburst
Bottle Sleeve
Bottle roll fold
Bottle Luvvy Label
Bottle Hanger Double
Bottle Hanger Clam
Bottle Hanger
Bottle Gift Card Presenter
Bottle Gateway
Bottle Foldilocks
Bottle Dissolve
Bottle Cone
Bottle Collar and tie
Bottle Bows
Bottle balls
Bobbing duck card
3D House Card
3D Cube Card
2 Pop Box

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