Mini Brochures and Pocket Sized Leaflets – Trade Show and Road Show Give-aways

Foldilocks - Trade Shows and Road Shows Give-aways

Foldilocks – Trade Shows and Road Shows Give-aways

Looking for mini brochures? Or Leaflets that your attendees can pop into a pocket? Trade Show and Road Show give-aways with an interactive feature will be read and kept for referral long after the show is over. Unusual folds and the compact designs give the mini brochures their unique style, to see for yourself order some free samples.


Hidden Book – Two in One

As a Trade Show or Road Show give-away a Hidden Book is a two-in-one mini brochure. To view your promotional print your attendees simply unfold the mini brochure and almost like magic there is another book on the other side too. When they fold it back up the original book is there to see once again. This very entertaining and interactive marketing pocket-sized leaflet can be produced in custom sizes although we do recommend that your Hidden Book mini brochures have a maximum closed size of A6.


Carry and Keep Card

The Carry and Keep card is the ultimate format for carrying and keeping and makes ideal Trade Show and Road Show give-aways. It takes mini brochures to a new level with its sturdy folder containing your promotional print. As standard the Carry and Keep pocket brochure is produced to A7 which easily fits into a pocket or handbag for future reference. The inner sheet of these pocket-sized leaflets opens up to a massive A3 double-sided platform and yet it folds down to a compact and handy A7 size.


Foldilocks – Unfolding Concertina Style

The Foldilocks is made up of perforated panels that fold away concertina-style into the cover and lock with a tab. You can choose your Foldilocks small brochure in credit-card size or A7 as standard and you can print discount vouchers or reward coupons as part of your design too.


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