Interactive Advertising Products make Terrific Christmas Promotions

Everyone wants their own company Christmas promotion to stand out above the rest and yet so many campaigns just seem to regurgitate hackneyed images and themes. A Christmas promotion should have something to lift it in a very crowded market. Our range of interactive promotional products can provide that lift with their captivating and sophisticated movements.

You can almost guarantee that this is one Christmas promotion that will be passed all around your customer’s office. It is one of those that you just can’t put down! Our Flicker Card is probably the most animated interactive product in our Christmas Marketing range and it is very addictive. Open the cover to reveal a pull-tab. Pull it and watch the action as the pages of the book flick over in rapid succession. With the right graphics the images on the pages can look as if they are moving.

Now you see it – now you don’t! That’s the fascination of our Push’n’Pull card, an interactive promotional product with a sophisticated internal pulley system which gives it a reciprocal action. Pull the card out from the bottom and another card appears simultaneously from the top. Push the card back in and the other one disappears inside the sleeve at the very same time. This particular product is very popular as an invitation or publicity piece for Christmas events as well as being chosen as a corporate Christmas greeting.

Our Starburst products get their name from the clever folding technique which sort of looks like a starburst pattern when it is opening – including close relative, the Starburst Cross. The big surprise is that it opens to reveal a display that is a lot larger than you would ever expect. The fold is very versatile and allows us to make covers that are almost circular as well as rectangular. Like all of our products, the Starburst has year-round appeal but it does seem to be particularly popular come Christmas time when it is often used as an invitation to corporate Christmas parties and to seasonal events.

Promotional information for cold and flu remedies, facts about throat pastilles and other such pieces of information are typical of the use of wheel charts. It’s not so much a Christmas thing rather than being related to winter. The benefits of hot, warming soups have also been extolled through this medium as a winter season promotional item.

As you can see, each product in the featured range offers a different type of movement and has varying levels of sophistication in order to suit many different Christmas marketing applications. From a company Christmas greeting to an invitation to a Christmas event these interactive products present an excellent opportunity to put your Christmas promotion head and shoulders above your competitors efforts.

Flicker card