The Katie Piper Foundation

The Katie Piper Foundation is the leading burns charity in the UK.

With the aim of delivering a gold standard of rehabilitation and scar management for burn survivors, the Foundation helps people with burns and scars throughout their recovery and beyond.

Providing advice on scar management and enabling access to free specialist treatments, the Foundation also organises UK wide workshops and social activities which help to establish a peer support network for burn survivors.

Product: Foldilocks    Use: Event hand-out


The Katie Piper Foundation were looking for a hand-out to help them at an upcoming event.

“With our attendance at the Ideal Home Show confirmed, we had to consider how to make the maximum impact at the event. Marks and Spencer and others had kindly offered us some helping hands and we needed a way of delivering a consistent message throughout the 18 day event.”

The information needed to:

  • Be in a neat and compact format
  • Be easy for volunteers to carry and distribute
  • Offer enough space to display all the important information the Foundation had to share

Foldilocks enabled them to:

  • Share key information quickly
  • Explain in a simple an effective way, how the charity helps burn survivors
  • Demonstrate how donations fund specific activities
  • Suggest ways to help raise money and donate

Product Information

A7 Foldilocks – open size 105mm x 385mm

Litho printed 4 colour process

350gsm silk art board

KPF foldilocks


The Foundation met many of the volunteers for the first time on the day of the event so there was only a short time to brief them.

“We loved the idea of the Foldilocks. It allowed us to design each panel with different images and text so our information was in easy-to-read, bite-sized chunks.”

The mini brochure format made information easy to hand out and equally easy to pop in a pocket or bag and keep. This encouraged recipients to hold on to it, refer back to it and share it with friends, family and colleagues.