Bottle Hangers, Collars and Tags – Add Kudos to Your Drinks Marketing Campaigns

Bottle Banner - Gets you Noticed!

Your drinks marketing and bottle promotions need to capture attention and get your products flying off the shelves so how can you ensure that your bottles stand out amongst the rest?   With striking bottle hangers, collars and tags that’s how.  I share some attention-grabbing and unusual drinks marketing ideas with you here today:





Striking Collar and Tie Design

The Collar and Tie Bottle Collar is a very smart and eye-catching design; it fits snugly around the bottle neck and has lots of print area for your advertising message.  This striking display cannot be ignored and will soon have your bottles in shopping baskets!  Get your creative juices flowing and design your bespoke Collar and Tie to wrap up your bottle marketing! These bottle collars come to you with the interlock already in place and folded flat ready for action!


He who Shouts Loudest Gets Heard…

…which is why the Bottle Banner is a popular choice for drinks marketing campaigns and bottle promotions. Having the largest print area in the range this design cannot be ignored and really does shout the loudest.  Often the Bottle Banner is the bottle hanger of choice at Christmas – adding festive greetings or festive promotion news to bottles with style and oomph! It takes only seconds to slip the Bottle Banner onto your bottles and looks very bold and showy indeed.


Traditional Shapes and All-round Display

The Bottle Tower and the Bottle Cone are two traditional shapes that fit around any size of bottle neck and have an all-round display area.  They both look very attractive, the Bottle Cone is conical in shape and lends itself perfectly to being used as a bottle collar since it has a clean, smooth cylindrical wall that fits very comfortable on a bottle. The Bottle Tower has sloping sides and can be made to fit many different types of bottle neck – whether long and slender or short and stubby. You may want custom designs for your drinks marketing campaigns to give extra focus to the display and this is possible too!


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