About Us

At Whitney Woods we manufacturer a wide range of alternate print products. We’re here to help make your marketing and business communications more memorable.

We’re not a marketing agency or team of graphic designers; we simply offer innovative products you can add your own creativity to.
We take the artwork you supply and make it real.

Based in the North West of England we’re pleased and proud to make all our items right here in the UK. Serving customers for over 20 years, we work with clients from across the UK and around the world.

Since opening our doors back in 1992 we started helping customers to send their direct mail with our hand collation and mailing house services. Over the years we realised we could make the mail our customers sent more interesting and so developed a range of pop up and interactive promotional items. Unlike many other forms of promotional merchandise, our products fold flat (or nearly flat) for economical mailing which helps keep your postage costs down.

Whilst we started out producing unusual direct mail products, our customers soon found they could be useful in many other ways too. We’ve made exhibition guides, event invitations, conference agendas, tourism leaflets, product information brochures, company literature, business communication items, business cards, promotional desktop accessories, charity collection boxes, hotel supplies, drink marketing items…the list goes on and on!

The range of products and list of uses is always growing and we often get asked to work on bespoke items too. Simply put, we produce engaging products to help you get your message across….and of course if you’d like, we can mail them for you too!

Did you know?

We can sort and send your direct mail items!

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